William Birch Neuberg

Born in Hackensack

Poor student

Matured in Navy

Kept father from going broke.

Great wife and family.


Shamrock Technologies, Inc.


March 1930 Present (87 years 3 months)

Invented micronized wax - highly copied

Developed use of PTFE in printing ink - highly copied

Discovered epitaxial mechanism of how PTFE enhances performance of wax - unrecognized.

Operated a profit producing corporation.

U.S. Navy

Naval Cadet Flight Student

Naval Aviator

USNR June 1954 December 1961 (7 years 7 months)

Flight Instructor

Fighter Pilot

Anti-submarine Pilot

Ferry Pilot


Joker-Inovator-Salesman-Microscopist-Manager-Leader-Airplane Driver-Having Fun Making Money-


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Bachelor of Science (BS), Chemistry

1930 1954


Remembrances and Reflections nearing Christmas 2012

With the approach of Christmas in my 83rd year, I write about myself, contemplating my most absorbing activities. They have been aviation and chemistry or science.

School was tough for me, probably because of parental influence, but Naval Aviation was the beginning of what I have done with life. My personal life has tied in closely with aviation and science. I met Ricki while in the Navy and she has been part of my journey. It was a mutual interest in horses that brought us together.

I got thru college with a degree in chemistry, but I was really saved by Naval Aviation. I am one of the lucky ones that made it this long, serving officially in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, but I never saw the enemy. Between wars, I did chemistry, drilling mud, consumer product manufacturing, advertizing, and sales. I flew fighters and anti-submarine in the reserves, which led to my recall for the Cuban missile crisis. In the ferry squadron, I did a lot of cross country flying and recall how eager the military was to practice warfare in Vietnam.

I got out and made and sold cream of tartar. Purchasing the raw material from the wineries was part of this, but a process change spoiled that business which led me back to wax. That was in my 33rd year. The next 50 plus have been my career, but aviation came into play again, and horses. By my 73rd year, my company was probably the world's largest producer of PTFE/Teflon micropowders. I thought the business had grown too big for me to manage and hired someone to do that while I took a sabbatical to build an airplane. The airplane was stolen. The manager lost money and it was back to business based on chemistry.

The last 10 years have been a time for business growth based on what preceded - aviation and chemistry. The horses have been the background of my personal life. Ricki's Nearaway Farm has been my happy home. Our son, Nick, has run a charter boat for over 15 years. He lives within walking distance. His 4 sons visit and horse around. We now have a pony that we drive and is ready for the kids to ride. They will have to be much better students than I was to continue the family chemical business. I'll be 87 in March, God willing.

Flying Bill Neuberg


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