Rapid Robert Celebrates Three Wars
                                                      12 August 2012
As Jackie Gleason used to say---- "A little travlin' music, please", Going back, back, back 60 to 67 years----

Sweet old Bob (SOB)  and his friend Jock Daniels, on 12 August, 2012 toasting the 60th Anniversary of completing Bob's
50 combat missions in KOREA, as well as the same day in August of 1945, the 67th Anniversary of completing his 53 rd
combat mission in the Pacific in World War II.---- his 79 South East Asia combat missions were finished in JULY 1971 ( close, but not in August............................so they only got one little sip).

The shirt is A KOREAN PARTY SHIRT . That's a TIGER on the front and there is another big one on the back--- In Korea everyone was a TIGER.  I took the shirt out for the first time since Korea ( it had been on a hangar for 60 years----sent it to the cleaners and it survived).  Each of the 3 Squadrons of the 3rd Attack Group had a PARTY SHIRT with a different color for each squadron.  Provided you were not scheduled to fly a combat mission that particular night--about once a month we would all put on our PARTY SHIRTS and go to the club and hoist a few.  It was quite a colorful scene.

                         The Old Tiger at work

For this mission, the good old 3rd Attack awarded me absolutely NOTHING, NADA.  ZIP. I remember reading that in WW II , then Senator Lyndon Johnson, was awarded the Silver Star for being on a B-25, going on a mission to Rabaul, but because of engine trouble, had to turn back before even reaching Rabaul. 

The above  mission is where  the Wing Commander later called me into his office ( I thought to be congratulated) and he did not even mention the mission.  He had just heard I was  a cartoonist and requested I draw him a Cartoon Cover for his upcoming Party Invitation.

Sure it was LUCK--- I just happened to be there at the right time, but so was Joe Foss who JUST LUCKED  into a bunch of novice Japanese Fighter pilots in WW II and shot about 5 of them down.  They gave Joe Foss the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

NO,  I did not deserve any Congressional Medal of Honor, but it was damn well worthy of a  Distinguished Flying  Cross, because there was some distinguished flying that went on that night.  I gave 500 people, plus the shore batteries et al, 9 chances for them to get me and I still stopped the INVASION.  Fortunately for my ego, I have a couple of DFC's anyway.
60 years later and I am still pissed off at a jealous little Colonel Grey, wherever that SOB may be.

RR and Jock D


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